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Good Bye, 2018!

It has been very busy year, we created, knitted and published 52 patterns!

I had some favorites this year that I would like to mention.

In January we published pattern named “Amsterdam” dedicated to my mother. For me, tulips always remind me of her.

On 1st of April pattern named “9gag” was published. I wanted to knit this one for a while and April Fool’s Day seemed as perfect fit. Pattern is free to download.

I really loved knitting “Hortensia”, beautiful pattern and 2400+ nupps.


May was full of really cool patterns.
“Moekad Mummud” is simple, yet really cute pattern. Perfect for multicolored yarn. We used hand-dyed yarn made by me.

And who can say no to some butterflies? I can say, best pattern with butterflies so far. Tried something new and it turned out great.

In July I showed everyone process of creating pattern and knitting shawl. It got a lot of attention, it is rare to see behind closed doors. I wrote blog post about it ( and pattern is available for free here:

Pattern named “Nr. 53” was waiting for a long time to be tested. It was more complex and time consuming than my usual work due to 21-ply nupps, a lot of stockinette and big size. But it was a very enjoyable and I would love to knit it again one day.

In September we published yet another free pattern “Illusion”, this one dedicated to my dear cat. She’s been with me for few great years so far and hopefully we have a lot more years to come. She turns 15 in March, but she still is acting like a girl.

I was really jealous that I couldn’t test pattern “Tiia’s Cherries” myself, because it is just so cool. I’m sure, it would look delicious in any color.

I’d say October was best month this year, I can honestly say, I love all four published patterns.
Pattern “Moths”, because you know, related to butterflies.
Pattern “Shawl of Courage” had personal meaning for me, maybe it will also help someone else with building up the courage.
I was waiting for almost a year to test out pattern “Flower of October”. Whole year was planned out and I couldn’t knit it before. It is 101% me, a lot of nupps and flowers.
“All-Seeing Eye” was created for fun and I’d say, result is quite cool and fun. I would love to see it with different colors or even just one.

In November we published “Simple Things”, but it could have been named also Biology as I was mainly knitting it in my Biology lectures. My teachers allow me to knit during lectures, because I still manage to listen and answer.

Pattern “Porsche the Cat” is dedicated to a rescued cat, who was unfortunately too sick and we had to let him ago after only three weeks. He had failed kidneys (lost his eye-sight because of it) and he also was deaf. I was happy to give him home, love and a lot of attention, he deserved it.

In December we published another free pattern “Evergreen Trees”, really beautiful shawl with trees and snowfall. It was a blast knitting it and I hope everyone else has same experience.


So what’s next for 2019?
We won’t publish patterns every week, but there will be something from time to time.
I had finally time to start working on my first book full on cool and colorful patterns. One shawl is already finished and yesterday I started next one. I’m hoping to be finished by 09.2020, so there will be a lot of work ahead.



I hope you will have a great year full of lace 🙂

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