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Shawl “50 R” *

Every pattern has a different fate – some go to explore the world, some become something you can touch or  just stay as a file on some cloud. I’ll share story of this shawl, because pattern won’t go exploring and it will be one of a kind.

I bet most pattern designers have a notebook for writing down ideas and thought, patterns drafts and interesting motifs. I have more than few notebooks dedicated to patterns. In spring my friend was looking at one of my notebooks. After some browsing he took blank page and wrote down some drafts for patterns.

Over the years I’ve developed my style in designing, so this was something new and refreshing. And also challenge. I think it took me few month before I actually wrote this pattern. I wrote down some notes about my process.

50 R kavand











I drew some lines to help me with placement and proportions of motifs.  Draft gave me almost free choice where to use nupps and yarn overs. There are only 620 normal nupps and 38 of triple nupps. It seems right way with this pattern.

Just by looking at the pattern I knew, I won’t be knitting it, I would fall asleep. I need something new and exciting on every row. So pleasure of knitting this shawl went to Katrin. I also promised that no one else will hate to knit this pattern again.

For shawl I used very soft Lotus yarn’s Moon Night (95% wool, 5% cashmere). I knew that is not best choice of material for knitting lace, because it is too soft to hold its shape. But I loved to color and shawl was meant for me, so I still used it.

Shawl weighs 103 g (yes, I had to buy one more skein of yarn) and is 222 x 97 cm in size.

*  How I came up with name? It was 50th pattern in my files and friends name starts with letter R. Simple 🙂

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