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Shawl without pattern

RättSometimes it doesn’t go by the plan and result can be surprising. Here is a story about shawl with such story.

I wanted to knit beautiful yellow shawl. So I wrote the pattern, took yarn from my stash and started knitting. Of course next day I discovered that I had taken wrong yellow yarn. Oh well, I continued knitting for a bit. I stopped knitting at about half of flower motif. At the end of autumn I was finishing up my old projects and it was this shawls turn. I took a look at pattern and started to look for it.

I looked for pattern here and there, it was nowhere to be found. I did have an unfortunate luck with my usb stick, which decided to leave this world. I did have most of the pattern copied, but this pattern wasn’t one of them.





So in this situation I had three choices:

  1. Frog the project and start with something new
  2. Re-write pattern with help of shawl
  3. Simply knit and see what happens

I chose third option. For more interesting outcome and trying out new yarn I also used light yellow merino. I’ll be honest, it was really fun project. I did have to correct few mistakes, but at least I managed without using any paper.

After such interesting project I would love to continue knitting such, but there are few patterns that need to be tested first. I’m hopeful that during spring I will have time for some fun experiments with lace.

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  1. It’s so beautiful!

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