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Last year, Estonia started celebrating its 100th anniversary. For our small country, this was a very important milestone.

Although I am Russian rather than blood, I have been born and raised here as an Estonian. And I’m very grateful for that. I grew up speaking two languages, and later, with American cartoons, another third came. I am happy that I had the privilege of growing up in a peaceful and beautiful country. Since my birth, Estonia has developed tremendously and will continue to do so. We have been renowned for Skype, Carmen Cat, e-Country (and many, many more), but for the knitters, this is Haapsalu’s lace. Patterns include buttons that distinguish our lace from others and make the pattern special. They are also a guarantee that fine lace is knitted by hand, as no machine can do so.

Thus, it is probably no surprise that as a lace weaver, I made a very special tail for Estonia. Long months of planning and weaving, the pattern had some special loops and just 6556 9 times! The box was also designed with a special design and of course it was also a craft. Rätt is today at the Estonian National Museum.

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