24 February, 2019
Happy birthday, Estonia!

Last year Estonia started yearlong celebration of 100th birthday. For our small country it was very important milestone. Although by blood I’m more Russian than Estonian, I was born here and raised as Estonian. And I am very grateful for that. I grew up speaking two languages and later thanks to American cartoons, I had […]

07 January, 2019
Good Bye, 2018!

It has been very busy year, we created, knitted and published 52 patterns! I had some favorites this year that I would like to mention. In January we published pattern named “Amsterdam” dedicated to my mother. For me, tulips always remind me of her. On 1st of April pattern named “9gag” was published. I […]

01 July, 2018
How it’s made

I thought it would be interesting to show how shawl is created from scratch, what happens behind closed doors. I must say, there are reasons why not every pattern is done this way. Since this work was done by me personally, I didn’t quite finish pattern before starting. I will add comment where I did […]

14 April, 2018
Is shawl only for special occasion?

I say, it is not. My first shawls were Swallowtails by Evelyn A. Clark and I used heavier lace weight mohair blend. I made one for myself and few for colleagues. I wore mine every winter for years, first on wool coat and later on with leather jacket.

28 January, 2017
Shawl without pattern

Sometimes it doesn’t go by the plan and result can be surprising. Here is a story about shawl with such story.