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Is shawl only for special occasion?

Year is 2012, just turned 21, still wearing Swallowtail. This was my 2nd or 3rd shawl I knitted. Still remember my mother helping me with blocking on living room floor.

I’d say, it is not. My first shawls were Swallowtails by Evelyn A. Clark and I used heavier lace weight mohair blend. I made one for myself and few for colleagues. I wore mine every winter for years, first on wool coat and later on with leather jacket.

I wore shawls two different ways. I think in year 2008 I wore my shawl on wool coat. Shawl was huge and very warm. Couldn’t find any pictures made back then,
but I can still demonstrate with my latest favorite shawl for every day. For this shawl I used 1200m/100g yarn, so this one is a lot finer than grey Swallowtail.

2017 I published blog post about shawl 50 R.
Favorite outfit in 2017 winter


I was experimenting with new techniques and just enjoyed knitting.












After wearing shawls for so many years, I can be sure that shawl can be worn daily. You just need to find right shawl for you and your style. Shawls come in different colors, shapes and sizes. For example you may choose to wear very fine white shawl for special occasion, but colorful and thicker shawl would go great with jeans and jacket.

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