E-Book “Shades of Lace” by Cassie Rosse


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It’s been my dream for years to publish my own shawl pattern book. It took time to figure out what kind of patterns it will contain and how everything will turn out. Couple of years ago I started designing and knitting shawls specially for book. Step by step everything started to fall in place, book of the name was a crucial key. Didn’t take long to realize – each pattern was somehow influenced by period of my life. It wasn’t what I intended at first, but I decided to just go with it – everything happens for a reason.

Book contains 10 colorful shawl patterns with stories and all necessary instructions. Everything is in two language – Estonian and English.
Patterns have different levels of difficulty – so there is something for every knitter.

Bee Shawl
Mom’s Tulips Shawl
Dark Ages Shawl
Rainbow Shawl
Passion Shawl
Shawl of Germany
Princess Illu Shawl
Linnupoja Leino Shawl
My Boy Marko Shawl
Shawl of 5 Year Journey