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Pitsinäitus „Shades of Lace“ Tartu Loodusmajas

Raamat ja näitus koondab endasse 10 räti mustrit, mis on tihedalt seotud minu eluteega. Unistus oma mustrite raamat välja anda on olnud kaua, umbes kuus aastat tagasi hakkasin vaikselt tegutsema. Raamatu pealkirjani jõudmine aitas paika panna raamatu olemuse. Olen alati olnud kastist välja poole mõtlemisega ja kohati ka mässaja hingega, nii said ka rätid tehtud järgimata Eesti pitsi kudumise traditsioone ja reegleid. Tahtsin katsetada erinevate värvide ja tehnikatega, et luua modernset Eesti pitsi.

Video näitusest: VAJUTA SIIA

E-Raamat saadaval: VAJUTA SIIA

Näitus on avatud: 15.10 – 7.11.2021

Tartu loodusmaja, Lille 10
E-R 10-18 (palume külastusaegu täpsustada tel. 7366120)
Majapilet: 2€/3€

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How it’s made

I thought it would be interesting to show how shawl is created from scratch, what happens behind closed doors.
I must say, there are reasons why not every pattern is done this way. Since this work was done by me personally, I didn’t quite finish pattern before starting. I will add comment where I did things differently.

My pattern How It’s Made (available for free) was translated to Danish by Marianne Holmen on How cool is that 🙂
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Is shawl only for special occasion?

I say, it is not. My first shawls were Swallowtails by Evelyn A. Clark and I used heavier lace weight mohair blend. I made one for myself and few for colleagues. I wore mine every winter for years, first on wool coat and later on with leather jacket.

Year is 2012, just turned 21, still wearing Swallowtail. This was my 2nd or 3rd shawl I knitted. Still remember my mother helping me with blocking on living room floor.

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Shawl “50 R” *

Every pattern has a different fate – some go to explore the world, some become something you can touch or  just stay as a file on some cloud. I’ll share story of this shawl, because pattern won’t go exploring and it will be one of a kind.

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